NyMo burners and control equipment

Bio-fuel equipment of time-tested Swedish quality.

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Welcome to NyMo Energiprodukter AB

NyMo Energiprodukter AB is headquartered in Söderhamn, a coastal town situated in the beautiful middle Swedish landscape of Hälsingland. For the last 30 years, the company has been designing, manufacturing and selling circuit boards and control equipment for chips and pellets heating plants.

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Optimal durability and lifespan!

NyMo burners and control equipment are manufactured in our own production facilities in Söderhamn. All combustion parts are made of 4mm heat-resistant Swedish steel plate for maximum durability and material Life.

Our business concept is aimed at supplying our domestic as well as other European markets with bio-fuel equipment of time-tested Swedish quality while guaranteeing the highest delivery reliability.

NyMo Energiprodukter AB – the natural option for bio-fuel!

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